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My vision for North Cowichan is pretty simple: I am working to lay a solid foundation for community and economic development that enhances, not harms, the environment. My job is to make sure we live within our means by encouraging job creation and economic growth that does not deplete our natural resources, controlling spending and maintaining healthy municipal reserves, keeping services streamlined and affordable and taking the leadership role to create exceptional recreational facilities. Have a question? Please get in touch.
Sustainable jobs and the economy
  • Support our forestry sector
  • Diversify to protect against loss of traditional industry
  • Attract new low-impact businesses by creating the highest quality of life and highest concern for preserving our natural environment
  • Support our agricultural industry through promotion and water issues planning
  • Attract sports tourism by supporting the local sports organizations that wish to bring tournaments here
  • Continue to build our outdoor recreational attractions such as trails for hiking, mountain biking and equestrians
  • Support wine and culinary tourism through our tax rates and other policies
Managing development and the environment
  • Follow SmartGrowth principles and our Official Community Plan to promote denser development within our urban growth boundaries, supported by the Tax Revitalization Bylaw
  • Preserve our rural landscapes and avoid suburban sprawl
  • Identify and protect sensitive environmental areas
  • Provide consistent, efficient service to developers coming through our doors
  • Look for opportunities to preserve greenspaces adjacent to our growth centres
Efficient service delivery
  • Manage our precious water resources carefully
  • Work toward year-round well-water supply for Chemainus Water System
  • Continue to refine our Transit Service to meet the needs of its users
  • Work with the CVRD to expand recycling options and convenience
  • Implement our Communications Plan to improve public engagement
Controlled spending and financial responsbility
  • Consistent, reliable Five Year Financial Plans developed in a transparent public process
  • Seek new sources of revenue
  • Find savings in operating budgets through reduced energy consumption and other initiatives
  • Utilize land sales for community development projects
  • Maximize our access to grants

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