The security of our water supply is a critical issue for our future. You will see a referendum question on the Ballot, asking if you support a CVRD function to deal with Drinking Water and Watershed Protection. If you support this, we can start work in an effective manner on the long-term management plans for the 17 watersheds in our region. These watersheds cross political boundaries and can best be dealt with at the regional level.

These watersheds are at risk because of climate change and development pressures. Some areas of the region are suffering from inadequate water supply already and more will follow. Here in North Cowichan, we know that we can supply domestic water for our residents today but in the face of longer droughts and increased demand, we can not be sure of the future. We need to plan for the future.

Water quality is also a serious issue. All forms of development, from farms to housing to industry, can negatively impact our drinking water. It is vital to monitor our water systems and act when we know of potential contamination.

With a small contribution from each of us, we can start the important work that needs to be done to protect our precious water supply.