I trust you have become aware that there is a referendum question on Affordable Housing on the Election Ballot. I hope you will support our push to create a function that will provide seed money to the Cowichan Housing Association and allow them to attract millions in funding for affordable housing projects from senior levels of government. This is a great opportunity to invest in our community.

We are facing an affordable housing crisis, something that most jurisdictions across the country are experiencing as well. There is not enough housing across the spectrum. For those who are homeless because of trauma, addiction and mental health issues, sleeping ‘rough’ is a common occurrence. They are unable to access health or social services, or be in a position to get a job. There is also  a lack of housing for the working poor and young people starting out, with new home prices so high. The least fortunate among us are suffering and the economic impact is borne by all of us.

The Federal Government has allocated 40 billion dollars and the Province has allocated 7 billion provincial to address the affordable housing crisis over the next 10 tears through the National Housing Strategy (NHS). The NHS focuses on and prioritizes:

  • the social sector, including the community housing sector with non-profit and co-operative housing providers
  • partnerships and collaboration between governments, non-profits, co-operatives, academics and the for-profit sector

We need to step forward with seed money, land and support the community organizations that will make the housing happen.

For the full story,  visit the following link to the National Housing Strategy:


What is the strategy?

There is no place like home. That’s why we’ve created Canada’s first-ever National Housing Strategy. This $40 billion, 10-year plan will strengthen the middle class, cut chronic homelessness in half and fuel our economy. Most importantly, it will give more Canadians across the country a place to call home.

Canada’s first-ever National Housing Strategy will help drive the success of Canada’s housing sector by giving more Canadians affordable homes.

Through the NHS, the federal government is bringing together the public, private and non-profit sectors to re-engage in affordable housing. Using a mix of funding, grants and loans, the strategy will create affordable, stable and livable communities. These communities will be located near amenities and transportation – and have the opportunities needed to succeed. Ultimately, communities where families thrive.

The goal is to ensure Canadians across the country have access to housing that meets their needs and is affordable. To achieve this, the strategy will first focus on the most vulnerable Canadians.

The NHS will spearhead innovative new housing research, data and demonstration projects. This will fill gaps in our knowledge, share the best ideas and shape the future of housing policy in Canada. It will also create new opportunities for the federal government to innovate through partnerships with the community housing sector, co-operative movement, private sector, and research community. The end result will:

The end result will see:

  • strengthen the middle class
  • cut chronic homelessness in half
  • build up to 100,000 new homes
  • fuel our economy
  • create a new generation of housing in Canada

Ultimately, the National Housing Strategy will promote diverse communities and create a new generation of housing that is mixed-income, mixed-use, accessible and sustainable.